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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Day 10 of the 2 week wait

The waiting is agony, you know I test early as I simply cannot wait, so far though there is nothing to report. I'm not worried though as we have had positive tests on day 12 so there is still time.

This is probably the hardest part of the IVF, I can handle the needles, the bloating, the egg collection, the sore ovaries, and even the cost (although that hurts a lot!) but the waiting is unbearable!!!

I was looking back over my history - look at the dates:

January 2004 - Natural Pregnancy - ended in miscarriage

January 2005 - Natural Pregnancy - ended with ectopic lost right tube

September 2005 - Natural Pregnancy - ended with ectopic lost left tube

July 2006 - 1st IVF - Negative

September 2006 - 2nd IVF - Positive - ended with PROM at 19+3 Matthew was born sleeping at 21w3d at 11.09am.

July 2007 - 3rd IVF - July07 - Negative

September 2007 - 4th IVF - ended with ectopic at 6 weeks

January 2008 5th try Frozen embryo transfer - Negative

April 2008 - 6th IVF - in USA! - Negative

August 2008 7th IVF - in USA - Waiting....

It seems we seem to be pregnant in/around September for the last 4 years. Please pray for me that we make it this year too.

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Anonymous said...

Just to say I'm thinking of u, & lots & lots of luck for Monday!
Well done on the 10lbs too! :-)Hopefully that'll all go back on again soon though, if u know what I mean! :-)
Love Angie x