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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Back home again

The flight was pretty uneventful, I didn't eat any of the food on the plane as it is always nasty! but I watched Kung Foo Panda (hilarious!) and also Forrest Gump (one of all time fave movies) and also managed an hour or two of sleep!

I've also discovered that I lost about 10lb while away and I wasn't even trying! so I'm pleased with that, now I have to keep it up (unless I am pregnant of course as I don't diet while pregnant as it's bad for the baby!) but even so it's nice to feel a little thinner today:)

Other than that I'm suffering today with post holiday blues, I've been gone for 5 weeks and while it's lovely to be home and to see the cats and to sleep in my own (very comfy tempur mattress) bed - I miss being away and I miss Pat and Walt already!

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