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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Another shot in the butt done and dusted!

It was a quiet day yesterday, the snow has kept us in as they have something here they call freezing rain - this makes the snow become a layer of hard ice, that is pretty lethal to walk on and so slippery it's unreal - we don't get weather like this in the UK, so I am somewhat fascinated by it and will take photos later!

So we stayed in, ate cakes and leftovers and watched a movie (Taken with Liam Neeson - a brilliant film!) and Pat put hot rollers in my hair, which resulted in a very differnet look for me - and I like it!

Here is a picture I took:

This morning we did another of my estrogen in the butt shots - this one went well with no troubles! one more on Sunday then Monday I meet the snow babies!

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