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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

First scan, bloods and injection today!

The frozen transfer cycle begins today!

I went back to Woking today to have my ultrasound baseline scan and also two blood tests so that I can stay home for an extra 10 days, as I don't need to be at the clinic in America until the 24th January!

The baseline scan was fine, my lining is 3.1mm which is where it should be (as always).

My Estrogen level was 135 pmol/l (36.7 in American terms) and my progesterone level was 0.8nmol/l (0.25 in American!).

The only part I was annoyed at was the bill - I was charged £205 for all of this, which reminds me of why I left Woking as after being told that I pay more now "I'm not a client any more" I realise that they really are just in it for the money and not to ensure their patients have a baby. Quite sad really as the nurses were always so lovely there, but their costs have gone up every year and now I have to pay £30 more for a scan and £10 more for each blood test - all because I'm not doing my treatment there.

I'm about to go and do my injection for today with the elephant dart needle, I found some cream though that numbs the skin a bit - so let's hope it works!!! I'll update more tomorrow as I'm so tired I can barely type this after a long work shift!

I am then going to bed!

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Just keeping up to date like your hair dad xxx