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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Fun weekend

I had a great weekend as my friend Shelly came up with her daughter Hannah, we haven't seen each other in ages so it was fun to hang out, catch up and play some guitar hero! We also ate far too much chocolate and cake but who cares eh!

It's a busy week for me with work as I've got a new project on that I've been waiting on for ages, but due to other people being busy I didn't get the bits I needed until the last minute, so I'm on a tight deadline with loads of other things already going on!

I had to go to London yesterday for a meeting with a different client, which took up pretty much half the day as I left at 11.20am and didn't get home until 6.30pm, so that cut into my deadline time and ended up working till midnight before going to bed with a head full of stuff.

I finally fell asleep around 12.30, only to be woken up at 4.44 (yes it's all the 4's!) by Chris who was doing his nightly 'I need to get up in the middle of the night to pee' thing.

I never got back to sleep....

Still in good news, I got my period this morning - bang on time, which is fantastic as I have a scan booked for 'day 2' of my cycle at Woking for tomorrow! I was getting nervous about this because one's body doesn't always do as it is supposed to do and can seriously cock things up.

So, we are on track - I will have by first injection tomorrow, plus my baseline scan and some blood tests. If you add that to the dentist trip I have today (I'm getting everything in order for when I get pregnant!) I reckon I'll have had 4 needles in the next 36 hours!

Let the pain and suffering begin!

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Dealgrabba said...

No pain no gain!