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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The jab went well today - well sort of!

Pat did an excellent job, but the syringe let us down as they aren't very good. It was typical that on Pat's very first time at giving an injection (let alone an intramuscular one) would go wrong and it was down to the bloody needle!

We got it all lined up, I had used the numbing cream and all was well - she got the needle in fine, no problems - then the syringe came away from the needle! argh - the stuff that we are injecting is an oil based liquid, and when you suck it up from the bottle you have to use a fatter needle to get it up as it's very thick stuff.

This can leave a greasy bit on the syringe where you push the needle on the end - which made it slippery and buggered it all up.

Either way we did it again and it was OK the second time - Pat did an excellent job (and I know she was nervous - who wouldn't be!) so thank you for that. Sticking a 1 and a half inch needle into your friends butt cheek isn't an easy thing to do - so I appreciate it ;)

I also went to see the Consultant today at the clinic - just for an informal chat to ask about thaw rates and a few other questions.

I'm hopeful we will do OK as their thaw rates are 90% so fingers crossed at least one will make it next week - am praying for two though!!!

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