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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, 26 January 2009

Good shopping day today!

I'm bad - I know, I shouldn't be spending money at the moment but it was hard not too when I went into a discount coat store today and found a gorgeous fake fur coat for $100 reduced from $250 - I tried it on and it fit me perfectly, so it just had to come home with me. I also found a very smart suit type jacket for $12.99!!! Such bargains that are hard to resist!!

Here is a pic of me trying it on in the shop:

We also went out for a fabulous meal at lunchtime at PF Changs - a local Chinese Bistro where we had spring rolls, won ton soup, chicken low mein and vegetable fried rice - simply delicious - thank you Walt for picking up the bill :)

My next injection is tomorrow - Pat will be doing this one for me as I have not yet found a way where I can inject myself in the butt cheek - especially with an inch and a half long needle that has to go all the way in! - this will be new for her as she has never given an injection to someone before, but I know she will be just fine - it's not hard when you are the one giving the jab!!!

I think we are also going to look for a new cooker top tomorrow as Pat is running on just two out of the four rings - although she managed to cook a meal for 16 people at Thanksgiving! I'm impressed....

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