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Friday, 16 January 2009

Thank god it's Friday

This has felt like a very long week, so I'm glad we are nearing the weekend when I plan to put my feet up and catch up on the sleep that I've been lacking in most nights this week!

Still, we have got the IVF under way with the first injection done, the consent forms signed (but not faxed as their fax machine seems permanently engaged!) and the scan and blood tests came back as normal. All is well.

The next injection is set for tomorrow, and I'm not that scared any more now that I have the wonder cream to numb my butt cheek before the elephant dart is plunged in! It really does make a huge difference (anyone else who has to do injections and hates needles - ask for EMLA cream first!).

The husband being the numpty that he is sometimes forgot to take all the paperwork to the office with him this morning though - he is supposed to be scanning it and turning it into a PDF file so that I can email it to the clinic in America. But as usual his brain was switched off this morning and it is still sat on my desk. I will find ways to make him pay for his forgetfulness later!!!

Roll on the weekend.

1 comment:

Mr Russell said...

As the husband in question I resent this remark, as everyone knows I am merely a moron and not a numpty...