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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Welcome to 2009

So far the year has started slowly, the decorations will come down tomorrow - if you can call them that we hardly put any up - just a few lights and a small black fake Christmas tree with nice fibre optic lights on, we simply couldn't be bothered.

Tomorrow is the last day of having Chris at home, and I'm not looking forward to him going back to work, it's been really nice having him home.

What we have to look forward to are the train fares going up, so there is another cost that is rising without getting anything extra for it, he was paying £339.50 per month to go to work but from tomorrow this goes up to £350.30 - this is already up from 328.40 in May 2008 and 309.90 in August 2007, so in just over a year it has already gone up just over £40 per month (£480 per year) for the same journey with no extra benefits. It's just wrong!

The news is already filled with stories that horrify and annoy me, from the new £4.7 million school that isn't allowed to be called a school any more because it might upset someone - (it now has to be called a place of learning!) to the story about the NHS who pay their staff £128 an hour for agency workers - which could fund new hospitals and more nurses.

Oh and then there is the £310,000 being spent on laptops for children in Norfolk - not a bad idea I hear you say - until you find out that they are being given to groups of young people who live in deprived areas, who are persistent absentees, traveller children, those in alternative education and those with English as a second language. - That's a great idea, give the laptops to the kids who don't bother going to school and the travellers who will probably sell it for a few quid so they can buy some beer.

Happy 2009......

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