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Monday, 2 February 2009

Embryo Transfer day!

Well I've done it!! I got up this morning and was somewhat nervous that they wouldn't thaw, but it seems all went well and both embryos made it through the thaw and were ready to be put back at 12 noon today.

We drove up to Rockville Shady Grove at 10am and arrived at 11.11am (which makes me happy becasue I like it when the numbers add up!) I even took a photo of the clock in the car to prove it!

I then went in for the transfer at 12 noon. You are taken into a little room and asked to undress to the waist down and cover yourself with a sheet that they give you.

After confirming your identity the doctor will come in and puts a speculum (those metal duck bills!) inside you, and get you ready for transfer by cleaning the cervix! You don't really feel this - some people get worried that it hurts, but I can honestly say I hardly felt it!

It takes about five minutes to complete the transfer which is done using a sonograph to help - I have some video footage of the screen but I have to sort that out - you can't see a lot on there just a little blip as they push the catheter inside. Once they have confirmed that both embryos are in - you have to lay down for 10 minutes then you are free to go!

They also kindly took a photo of our two gorgeous embryos:

While I was there I also met with Patty from Marketing as I will be doing a little work for Shady Grove over the coming weeks, and I also met with Dr Michael Levy, who is the person responsible for the shared risk programme (the money back gaurantee!) so I got to thank the man who made this possible for me to be here.

We then grabbed a quick takeaway lunch and came home, where I have been sat in bed ever since!!!

Just hoping now that they stick this time!!!

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Chris said...

I with you in spirit if nothing else, stay safe, stay warm and bring those little ones home!