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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Getting excited now

I got the call from the clinic yesterday to say that my embryo transfer will be at 12 noon tomorrow (Monday), and we have to be at the clinic for 11.30am.

I've dealt with the bum jabs (estrogen injections every 3 days in the butt), the bum bullets (progesterone supositories - 3 per day!) and the waiting and being away from home - so that's some of the hard part done - but the bit that makes me the most nervous is the thaw.

We have two embryos stored - just two - the average thaw rate for my clinic is 90% which is much higher than most - but this means there is a chance that one or maybe even both may not survive the thaw.

That scares me - it's cost a lot to be here both in time and in money for flights and drugs, so if they don't make it, I will be going home very very sad (and angry!).

I have a good feeling we will get both - but there is always going to be an element of fear concerned when you are dealing with mother nature and science!

Please think of me tomorrow, and send all your good vibes my way for a sucessful thaw and a good transfer.

I wish Chris were here to do this with me. Honey I miss you x x x

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