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Friday, 27 March 2009

Another busy few weeks!

I know I know, I'm getting complaints about the lack of updates! lol sorry - I have been really busy!

As you know we build websites and do online marketing for a living, and work has been great but busy. Chris has been bug fixing for the last 10 days on after working for the last month on a redesign, we are in the last stages of bug fixing and testing, but this usually means 2 weeks where he gets home from work, eats and gets straight on with the job until 10 or 11pm when we both collapse into bed!

On top of this I have a new client that I am working with on their SEO (search engine optimization) and adwords marketing. It's a great project but it too is keeping me busy as they are running a seminar in the UK this weekend and I've been assisting with that too!

In between all of this I went to Amsterdam for the weekend with my friend Shelly as she had never been and we had the opportunity for free flights! We had a great time there as the weather was perfect. Shelly didn't believe how many push bikes there were and was utterly astounded to see the multi story bike parks! London could learn a thing or too, although it is rather like playing human frogger when you cross the main street out of the train station as you dodge your way past bikes, cars then the trams!

We spent all of Saturday walking the streets in the direction of Vondel Park which was lovely, we walked back to the hotel a different way and got to see quite a lot that I hadn't seen before.

I was well behaved and didn't buy anything, although the credit card being declined at the hotel because the CC company saw the 7 euro transaction at the train station for tickets and stopped my card! (they did however kindly call me at HOME to see if all was OK - good job Chris was there to make sure they switched the card back on!).

Another busy work week ahead, I'm hoping it will quiet down a little in a week or so, once this site is launched we might get to take a night off!

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