Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, 4 April 2009

A gorgeous weekend

We've had another busy work week this week, although I got to Skive one day and went out for a lovely day with Tracy on her birthday, we have a lovely lunch a couple of glasses of wine and spent the afternoon shopping!

This weekend we were supposed to be going up to Hull to see the Family, but Chris's mum isn't very well so I hope she gets better soon so we can visit in a couple of weeks time.

For now, I think we are going to try and enjoy the weather this weekend and not spend too much time working (although we do have a lot to do so I know we can't avoid it!)

Next weekend is a bank holiday - I don't want to be working then either as last year we spent the whole Easter weekend working too. There is a theme here....

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