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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tom is OK

Well after a £285 bill the vets told us he didn't have any broken bones, and his hip is OK thanks to the many x-rays that they felt it necessary to take, and that they didn't really know what was wrong with him, and we should take him home and let him get some rest. Wow all that for £285. I could have told them that myself.

Anyway, Tom is home, and he is better today. He seems to be able to walk on that leg now, but his foot is a little floppy still. He's been up and about a bit today, even going out into the garden a couple of times, so I think he is going to be OK in the long run and thankfully he hasn't totally lost the use of his right back leg.

We have to take him back to the vet next week, I wonder what other tests they will want us to do next? I think after all this is done, we should look for a new vet as this is not the first time we have paid for a stream of tests and found nothing. Seems these vets only know how to test for what it isn't, and are not good at diagnosing what it really could be.

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