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Monday, 16 March 2009

Looking after Tom

When we got up this morning we said our usual 'Hello' to the cats on the landing, Tom was sat in his bed at the top of the stairs but seemed a little subdued, I didn't think much of it but did wonder why one of the beds downstairs was upside down and why Tom had cat litter stuck to his face.

I took Chris to work, came home and like my usual routine set about feeding the cats and letting them out for their morning sniffs.

Tom wasn't in the kitchen. Most unusual. He's the one who is there first, shouting at the top of his voice like he's never been fed before.

I called him several times and carried on sorting their food out, when I noticed him at the bottom of the stairs, but he was wobbly/limping.

After he had eaten a few mouthfuls he went outside, it was at this point I noticed he was dragging his right back leg behind him.

It seems to be paralysed, he has no feeling in his toes and they were cold, so I called the vet and got him in at 9.30 this morning.

He is still there, they are going to do some tests and possibly an x-ray and I hope to hear more later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awww..... perhaps he has had a mini stroke? I truly hope he is going to be ok bless him XXX love mum