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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hoppy's Big Adventure

On Sunday we were out in the garden sorting out the hanging baskets for this year (actually I was doing that and Chris was reading a book! - although he did put 8 canes into pots for me!).

When we spotted a little fledgling Magpie just lurking under the tree. He was unable to fly and clearly not where he was supposed to be, so after I took a few photos (see below) we left him alone and waited to see if mum came to get him.

After 4+ hours there was no sign of her, and he was looking a bit desperate, plus it was getting dark, we know they roost at dusk and he was in danger of being Mr Rash's (one of our 3 cats) new bestest toy, so we decide to bring him indoors for the night and offer him some of Rashers food (I read on the internet they like rabbit flavour cat food!).

He ate the food with gusto and settled in for the night.

The next morning, I put him back outside (after the cats had gone out and come back in for their mid morning snooze), but it was pouring with rain and he was getting drenched. The lady from the wildlife rescue centre said it was best to bring him in again as their feathers aren't fully waterproofed yet, so I did.

When the rain stopped - back out he went, but still no sign of mum. It rained, I brought him in, etc then the last time I let him out that day - another magpie appeared!!! I was hopeful that it was his mum and she would be able to feed him, and perhaps encourage him to get back to his nest, but this one just attacked him :(

Another night - more rabbit flavoured chunks and some meal worms bought from the pet store and I gave it one more try outside.

By now he was getting stronger and he was able to jump/fly a little better - he made it up in to the plum tree and sat for a bit, before diving over the fence and over the alley way and back into the garden that his nest is in.

I've not seen him since. I hope he is OK - but it's back to letting nature take it's course. I just hope he made it home and his mum didn't reject him.

Bye Bye Hoppy, I hope your adventure taught you not to leave the nest too soon!

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