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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Raging againt the world - I've had enough of poor service!

Anyone who knows me personally, will know that I get frustrated when I receive poor service, especially when paying for something. I have a personal standard that says if I do a bad job on something I will fix it right away, no charge. Good Customer Service is everything - it's important to me and I wish it was to everyone else too!

So far in the last few days I have had to deal with the following:

1. A crap meal at a Pub on Sunday that cost almost £30 and was just awful.

The waiter did nothing when I said it was awful, so I went home, found the email address of the manager and wrote to complain.

Result: I got an email this morning with an apology and an offer for a £30 voucher to come again.

End Result: They will keep my custom and I will go back, and I will now not slate them all over the internet and tell my friends not to go there!

2. British Telecom screwed up our broadband!

We paid £150 a little while ago to have a new phone line installed from the main box so that we could move our office from one room to a bigger room. It seems in doing so the engineer who did the install (who wanted to just run it from another internal box! cheeky..) didn't wire it in properly, thus resulting in a dramatic slowdown of our supposedly 8Mb connection - to less than 2Mb....

After taking several days to get the engineer out - it's now fixed. I have sent in a letter of complaint today as I'm annoyed to have paid £150 for something that wasn't wired in properly, and to be paying £25 a month for a poor broadband service.

Result: Still waiting for a reply.

3. Tesco's staff and their dirty hands!
Everyone knows at the moment there is a Flu Scare. (see World of Crussell for a light hearted game of Happy Sneezing!).

Now while we make poke fun at this - there is a serious side and quite frankly I don't want to get a dose of Flu, let alone this new swine flu - being that we are going to America in 3 weeks time, it could seriously hamper our trip!

So while at the Supermarket early this morning, I was stunned to see the checkout lady had a cold - and right there in front of me she blew her nose in what was clearly an already used tissue - put it back in her pocket and carried on scanning my food through the till.

I mentioned that she should sanitize her hands - but she didn't have anything to do this with. So I complained to the customer services desk - who got the Manager down and all I asked for was that staff have a bottle of hand sanitizer on each till - especially those that have a cold right now!

I also called head office and asked to speak with a manager - who said he thought that was a great idea and would arrange to get all the stores to do this. I was somewhat stunned that they didn't think of this themselves - I mean for a Company that makes billions in profit, a few bottles of hand sanitizer isn't going to put them into a financial state!

I will go back over the weekend to check.....

There are more things to rage about - like the broken Sky box, and their refusal to offer compensation, and them trying to replace it (it was brand new and only 3 months old) with a reconditioned one, but Sky's service is so bad it would make me angry to write about it - and I'm actually in a really good mood today, so let's not spoil it!

Oh, and the loose bathroom taps - but the plumbers came back yesterday and fixed it for no charge - so they keep my respect and I will hire them again too :)

All it takes is a little care - I wish more people would do their jobs properly and stop making me have to complain - it's a waste of my time, and never any fun!


Davidwh said...

I totally agree with your sentiments ... poor customer service sucks. Enough of us do not complain enough to make them change, - I fall into that category, as Carol can testify to.

One thought though ... what happens when Chris does not give you good service :) ? by that I mean, helping in the garden, jobs around the house... do you make him sleep on the couch? :) [runs and hides from the wrath of Crussell

Elly Russell said...

When Chris doesn't do the mowing/put the rubbish out etc (cos those are his only 2 jobs really!) then he gets nagged (which I hate to do but you men force us by not doing your jobs!) Perhaps I'll take his video games away....