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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My next IVF trip to America is now sorted!

After I got my period I was able to start talking to the clinic about dates for the next IVF trip, we looked at my cycle and have determined that I can go towards the middle of next month, so upon getting this I started to look at flights.

I will be flying out on the 17th May and coming home on the 14th June and Chris will be joining me from the 29th May - 14th June for his part!

I was amazed at the flight prices though when I was booking for Chris as originally he was going to fly out on the 30th and home on the 13th - but for some reason (probably cos he wanted to fly on a weekend) the price with BA came in at £735!!! Ouch.

So by moving his dates by one day each side we got it down to £364 - much more reasonable. Mine was a little more at £399 but I'm staying longer so I sort of expected that.

So it's all booked.

While I'm there Pat is due to get a new grandchild - his son Doug has produced an offspring with his fiancée Jamie, so it will be fun to meet the new baby - his due date is the same day as my egg collection day though so we will have to figure out the logistics nearer the time. I'm pretty sure we will end up hiring a car as we have to get up to Rockville, MD which is about an hour from Pat's house for the egg collection and transfer.

I can't wait!

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