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Thursday, 9 April 2009

UPS Couriers are Thieves!

A few weeks ago myself and Chris took the decision or order the New Guitar Hero - Metallica game from GameStop in the US.

The reason for this was simple:

1. It is out a full 2 months earlier in America than in the UK
2. It came with a free Drum kit foot pedal for double kick action on the Expert levels!
3. It was $50 (£35) so also cheaper than in the UK as new games start at £40 here.

To our surprise it actually arrived by courier the day after it was released, so we were really impressed with that.

However when the nice delivery man knocked on my door, he asked me for a cheque for £25.50 because Customs & Excise decided that I owed them VAT.

Well forgive me for being bright, but 15% VAT on £50 doesn't come to £25.50!

So I wrote a postdated cheque (the driver didn't notice) which was paid in anyway (banks apparently don't do post dated cheques now!) and complained.

I got a letter back this morning saying they actually now owe me £17.58 - so the whole point in me telling you this is to remind you that if you don't believe something is right then take the time to fix it.

I did and I got £17.58 back from £25 as they clearly mis-charged me.

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