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Friday, 17 April 2009

When will we be doing IVF again?

Well at this point I don't know the exact dates as I'm still waiting for my period! I will start taking some pills when I get it that will then allow me to work out the dates - but so far I am now a month (yes a whole month!) late.

I think this is the first time in my adult life that I have been this late. I've done a test just in case - that didn't prompt it, I've worn white underwear - nope nothing and I've planned a naughty night with the husband - which still didn't work!

So today I'm off to the doctors who I'm hoping will give me a prescription for a drug that might help.

All being well it looks like we will now be going in June - 2 months later than originally planned - which also means we need to get our blood tested again for HIV, Hep B and C, Syphilis and something called Surface Antigen. It's a yearly thing that you have to do at any clinic - which is good they test for this. It's the only thing the NHS have done to help us out so far.

I'm also going to ask the doctor to apply again for my free round on the NHS - I'm now the right age - I still don't have kids and I'm owed it! I bet they will still say no - ask they will be too busy paying for smokers or alcoholics to quit, or fat people to learn how to eat less/better.

They like to say no and use the excuse that they can't afford it because they have to help cancer patients - which is perfectly OK - but why try to make me feel bad for the cancer patients when I know they could cut spending on their Stop smoking campaigns.

Surely smokers can go and buy some gum or patches and quit on their own??

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