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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 8 May 2009

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeee...

OK so it was yesterday, but I was too tired to write last night after a lovely day!

Tracy came over yesterday with Noah, we went over to Reading as I needed to pop into a store called Makro. It's a warehouse type place where you buy things in bulk and at a lower price than the supermarket - I'd gone to get some cat food among other things so we could stock up for while I'm away.

We walked in with Noah in his pram, only to be told by the lady at the door that we couldn't bring the pram in. What????? Yeah that's what we said.

According to the Makro Manager (whom we asked to speak to) - it's against Health & Safety to bring a pram into the store - and instead we had to use one of their trolleys. OK we said, except they only had 1 trolley that would allow Tracey to strap the car seat in - and it was broken. The other type of trolly they had for children wasn't suitable for Noah - so what were we supposed to do?

I asked the Manager why they had this stupid health and safety rule - "Oh it's because we have fork lift trucks in the store" he replied. So I asked him "How can your dangerous broken trolley be any safer for little Noah than his own Pram?" - He couldn't answer that one.

He sent a trolley boy out to look for another one of the types that could strap in the car seat - only he came back with the broken one that was outside (after pushing it round the car park a bit - I watched him!) - When we said "But that's the broken one" he tried to deny it - but couldn't get away with it as it had a tag stuck on it in the exact same place and was broken in the same way.

Tracy took some pictures of the broken trolley - they would not let her in with the pram, so I went in to get the 1 thing I really needed - only to find they wouldn't take my credit card - they only take debit cards now! So - if you happen to be going to a Makro - remember - the Health and Safety rules will mean that you have to put your child at risk by using one of their death-trap trolleys!

We then went on into Reading and had a Wonderful meal at the Bar Ha Ha down on the river, the food was amazing, the service was superb and the Champagne was delicious! Why can't all restaurants be like that?

Aside from the car park ticket machine eating my ticket - we had a lovely day - even if it was marred by the Loony rules at Makro!

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