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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Second Scan today

It rained all day yesterday and is gloomy today too, so we stayed in, napped and read books - I did some work yesterday afternoon and we watched Twilight the Movie last night.

I was really disappointed with the movie. It was badly acted, the music was wrong and badly produced - such a shame as the book was brilliant. They just didn't do a very good job of conveying the emotions that the book gives over - the feeling of love and how it makes the lead character feel when she falls in love - just not there. Shame.

We went to the clinic this morning for my next scan and blood test - the scan shows that my follicles are growing well! Some are still less than 10mm so they don't measure those but some are now above as follows:

Right side: 13mm, 13mm, 13mm, 11mm and 6 less than 10mm
Left Side: 13mm, 13mm, 15mm, 16mm, and 3 less than 10mm (I think she missed 3)

I have my estrogen levels for today - they are at 404, which is a great rise as 2 days ago it was at 144

My lining is up to 8.6cm today so that is impressive - no wonder I'm feeling bloated!

Today is another day of work for me, maybe a little reading later - I'm now on the 2nd book in the Twilight series and really enjoying it. I never get to read at home as I'm so busy with work but I managed to tail some off before I came here giving myself some free time - which is wonderful! I forget sometimes what it's like to now be working what feels like 24/7!

Two more days and Chris will be here - I'm SO looking forward to that. I miss him.

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Anonymous said...

I am also a patient at Shady Grove, due to do my first IVF cycle in June. I am travelling back and forth from the Bahamas.
I just want to wish you the best of luck with this cycle, and I am praying that all of your dreams finally come true! I cannot imagine going through so many cycles, and I think it is time for you to have your baby after all that you have been through.
BEST of LUCK to YOU and your husband!