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Saturday, 30 May 2009

We are ready to go!

I went to the clinic this morning with Chris (yaaay he is here!) and we did the final scan as I am just about ready to pop!

My lining is stil up there at 10 and my follicles are just about ready to go:

Right: 16mm, 18mm, 18mm, 19mm and 6 more they didn't measure.
Left: 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm and 5 more they didn't measure.

We got a call back from Shady Grove today to say that they want me to do the trigger shot tonight! Which is 2 days ahead of the planned shedule.

So at 1.15am I will be having my final injection, in the butt this time which means exactly 36 hours later I will ovulate and have the eggs collected (1.15pm on Monday).

I hope that we get a good crop of eggs this time - I have been stimulated with the maximum amount of drugs - so much so that my tummy is bruised beyond recognition which has never happened before, and I'm ready to go 2 days early.

I'm going to wish myself good luck!

1 comment:

anita said...

We have got so much crossed this time,they will have trouble unraveling us!

Love from Mum & Dad