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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Back home and in the real world

I've been away for a month, and had a wonderful time - got myself pregnant in the process! but now I'm back home and it's the first full day - where do I start?

I have so much to do:

1. Get the front door fixed as the key will no longer turn in the lock!.
2. Work - I have a month of existing stuff to catch up on, plus 2 potential new clients to get on board
3. Cleaning the house - Dad kept it fairly clean - but men aren't very good at the details!
4. Washing the clothes - a never ending job!
5. Buying some food - we only got enough yesterday to feed us yesterday!
6. Fixing my phone - the headset needs adding to the phone system here and I've tried this morning and it's not playing ball so I have to call support.
7. Transferring files from my laptop to my desktop - so I can get my email etc
8. Catching up on a month of TV - I have no idea when I'll have time for this!

and probably a huge list of smaller jobs like opening all the post!

Back to the real world with a huge THUD....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Way to go!
Keep up the good work!

From your fellow SGFC patient!
I take my Quant. Beta test on the 29th June. I only hope I can do as well as you!
My husband and I are so thrilled for you and your husband. We love happy endings!