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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Having a hard time today

Hormones are raging, emotions are high and it makes me cry.

Things are going well though - all 10 embryos are doing well - today five of them are at 4 cell and the other five are at 2 cell with no fragmentation. They tell us we make lovely embryos! This is great - but we need them to stick.

We are doing a 5 day transfer again, so Saturday is the day.

We spoke to the doctor and he says 5 day is best - we have to go with their advice as they have a 65% success rate.

We can't help wondering though if 3 day is better for us as we had 2 successful IVF's with a 3 day transfer.

I guess time will tell - I'm just having doubts today that this will work. I think it's my hormones!

Also my ovaries and insides are still screaming, having all those needles punched up through the wall of your lady parts to get the eggs out leaves it somewhat sore.

Thank god for good pain killers, I have asked for some more please!

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