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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

We got sixteen eggs today!

Wow, what a great day.

It started at 5.45am for me as I had to eat my breakfast before 6.15am as they have a 'not allowed to eat 7 hours before treatment' rule, so I fell out of bed and dragged my sleepy self down to the kitchen and ate some cereal - went back to bed for an hour and wished I had more time!

We set off around 9.30am and got to Rockville around 10.30. We spent a little time with the Marketing team to say Hi (as I'm doing a little SEO work for them and their web site), then went down to get signed in for the egg collection.

At 12.45 the anaethatist came by and hookewd me up to the IV, one thing I LOVE about Shady Grove Fertility is they give you a little pre-injection of something that numbs the skin in your hand before they put the canula in - this is truely brilliant as it means it doesn't hurt a bit. In the UK they just ram the huge needle in and this often causes screaming pain - why can't we have the same as the US???

At 1.15pm they took me into the operating room and 'knocked me out'! 20 minutes later I was done and back in the bed - albeit a little woozy, they checked my vitals and asked me if I needed pain killers - they give you great pain killers here too!

The doc came around and told us we have 16 eggs, which is the most we have ever had (12 was the highest before).

We were out of the clinic by 3pm and on our way to find food! then home to rest.

All in a great day, we will know more tomorrow as to how many have fertilised, so that is hurdle 2.

Thank you to everyone who wished me well today. :)


anita said...

Well done to both of you.
Mum & Dad

Rich said...

Excellent news, really pleased for you both.