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Thursday, 18 June 2009

We made the papers again!

While we were out in Annapolis having treatment, I was contacted by Shady Grove's PR Manager and asked if we would be happy to talk to a local paper about our treatment - well you know me - always happy to talk to the world about IVF and the struggle we have had as I'm writing this blog anyway, so we have nothing to hide.

Also Shady Grove have been so good to us, it seemed only right and fair to help them out with a local local PR!

Anyway the story has now been published in the Annapolis Capital Gazette today (Pat is going to get me a paper copy!) and also is available to read online.

Click here to read the full story.

I also stole the photo as it's a nice one of us and out doctor Jeff McKeeby.

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Patty said...

Good luck, Elly & Chris with this pregnancy. I also go to SG (Rockville) and had my first IVF on 6/4. We also got a BFP and have strong beta results. I hope this works for you.