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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Maternity care a postcode lottery?

I'm sure you read my blog the other day when I mentioned that I hadn't had a scan date yet for the 12 week Nuchal scan. Well I still haven't...

Yesterday I finally got through to the community midwife (after trying 4 times as the number is permanently engaged), and I asked them about this.

At first I was told that if I hadn't heard anything by the end of this week to call back, but me being me (the pushy type!) I wasn't going to be fobbed off quite that easily so I said that I wasn't happy with that and that I was promised better care this time (which I was but am now thinking was just empty words).

She eventually put me through to the Antenatal department at Frimley Park, where I was greeted by the receptionist I assume, who dug through and eventually found my 'booking form' (somewhere near the bottom of the pile I expect!)

I reminded her that I've had bleeding, lost 5 pregnancies and was promised more care this time, and that so far I've heard nothing from them and just wanted to know when I could get my scan date organised.

I was told: "We haven't got you booked in yet but will put this on the top of the pile and send you a letter, oh and you won't get to see the consultant at the same time as your scan, you will have to come back on a separate day for that".

So much for the extra care.

So here's what I think will happen: Sometime next week I will finally get a letter telling me my scan is in 3-4 weeks time when I'm about 14 weeks and not 12, and that I won't get to see a consultant until I'm 15 or 16 weeks because they are oh so busy.

Meanwhile a very good friend of mine who is exactly 1 week ahead of me in her pregnancy went to see her midwife today for the 2nd time, and had an hour long meeting where they went through lots of things with her, she said it was brilliant and that they are really looking after her, and her scan is next week when she is 12 weeks.

We live in different areas, so her hospital is different to mine - so now I'm wondering if there is not only a postcode lottery for IVF, but also one for good maternity care.

I'm going to wait patiently and see what happens, but I can assure you, if nothing much happens and I don't get the care I was promised and should be having (as I'm having twins and this is supposed to mean more monitoring) then they will wish they had paid more attention, I'm not one to stand quietly! Watch out Frimley - I am (pregnant) woman - Hear me Roar!!!!!


pat moore said...

and they give you grief for coming to the US for your treatment to begin with...don't understand why the medical people don't seem to be very caring...

anita said...

Go straight for the juggler vein Elly!No messing.

Deirdre said...

Hi - I wish you luck with the pregnancy. One thought I'm sure you have prob considered already, it might make sense to go privately for a scan and advice - it is expensive but the consultant might at least give you reassurance or give you ammunition to fight with public system. I know you have already spent a lot!