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Monday, 27 July 2009

10 weeks pregnant

Wow, we made it to double figures! it's a small milestone but one we are very glad to have reached.

According to my research, the babies are now swallowing, kicking and all of their major organs (heart, lungs, brain etc) are now fully developed but will of course continue to grow throughout the pregnancy. Their brains will develop a staggering quarter of a million neurons every minute!!!

They are now growing fingernails and their fingers and toes are no longer webbed! They have taste bugs and tooth bugs, and they are approximately 1 and a half to 2 inches in length.

Their wrist and ankle joints are beginning to develop and their stomachs are being connected to their mouths

Here is a great picture I found that represents what they look like:

The placentas are now beginning to take over and will now be supplying the babies with food and oxygen!

Amazing isn't it :)


anita said...

Re; the comment on your blog-their are some evil bastards around and well done you for giving them what for. God they make me so angry these people. I have just read Chris's blog and I am crying again!

pat moore said...

ten weeks...nicely done little ones...

and remember don't really care what people who don't know you know that the people you love, are all behind you because they know the facts...

tiggers bounce right over those walls that idiots erect...