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Friday, 3 July 2009

Still can't believe it!

I am still a little shocked, haven't really taken it in what having twins will mean for us - so far we have just thought wow our babies are OK!

It means we will have to get a double buggy/pram, we will need 2 cots, 2 car seats and double the nappies! that's just the start!

we are thrilled though - having been on quite the rollercoaster ride since this all began a few years ago I had consigned myself to only having one child, as we had discussed and agreed that once we had one baby - I wasn't going to go through IVF again. It's far too expensive, painful and heartbreaking to do over and over, so once we had one - we would have been happy with that.

However, I also always wanted two children - so for us, this is a perfect way to end the journey.

I know that the NHS whines about twin mums costing them more becuase twins are often born premature and they take up space in the special care baby unit - but quite frankly I don't give a shit!

We have spent almost £40,000 getting pregnant, and the NHS have done NOTHING to help. The only person who has tried is our GP who has been wonderful - he has helped me with prescriptions for some of the drugs I need, and blood tests (including getting copies of the results to me for free when they usually charge £10 a go) - so for this we are grateful - but the NHS would not help me with IVF at all - so if it now costs them money when we go into labour - well tough...

We have paid our taxes - perhaps they can take some £££ out of the fat people pot (they are now offering to pay fat people £1 for a pound of weight they lose) or the smokers who could buy their own patches, or the people who get sex change ops on the NHS - I could go on....

So bring it on... I hope our babies will be born after 37 weeks and won't need the special care, but if they do - well there is nothing I can do about that.

For now I'm 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant with twins - and I'm a very happy girl.


Anonymous said...

Elly, can you please tell me (when you next write on your blog) how you figure out how far along you are. I am pregnant and egg retrieval was done on the 11th. June and transfer was done on 14th. June AND I am pregnant - my first beta was 2,406 - I am still waiting for the second test result (they are a little slow here in the Bahamas) - I just want to know that the numbers are still going up! Then I will be relieved on 13th July when I do my scan!
Thanks for your help!
Your fellow SGFC patient AGAIN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


It's Jane here.

I am in England - came home to see the family last week and have only just caught up with you online. I haven't even read the intervening posts, just the title of this one. If you can hear me from here (Oxfordshire), I am squealing with delight!

Now I'll read the older posts and get up to date...

Keep on keeping on, sweetheart,

Jane (from Vancouver)
with much love