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Monday, 3 August 2009

Had a scan today - 11 weeks pregnant.

11 weeks today!

We had some bleeding over the weekend, it started on Friday night as per my last blog post, and a little more on Saturday night and Sunday too, so this morning I called the Early Pregnancy Unit and asked them if I could get it checked out - more to re-assure us that they were OK but also to hopefully find out why I was bleeding.

We went in for 12 and waited at the end of the line as we had been squeezed in, and were very much relieved when we got in there and could see they were OK!

One is now measuring 45mm and the other is 43.6mm, both were moving around quite happily in there and heartbeats were strong.

We didn't get a picture today, but Chris took some sneaky video footage, however due to the fact he has no clue how to work his own technology he didn't know that you have to zoom in before you hit record - so all we have is a screen off in the distance and you can't see anything :(

Ahh well - the important thing is they are OK, and we have our 12 week scan next week so hopefully they will give us a picture then.

For today we are happy they are safe and growing well.

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