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Monday, 14 September 2009

17 weeks pregnant and we know the sex of the babies!

I've been waiting to put this on the blog since last Tuesday as we went and had a sneaky 4D scan, where we also paid extra to find out the sex of the babies! But we wanted to tell the grandparents in person first so it just had to wait!

However, according to the lady who did our scan - we are having two girls!!!!

To say we were shocked would be an understatement! We would never have bet on having two girls - in fact we believed it would be two boys or if we were really lucky one of each! Chris's family are well known for having boys and as we had a boy before we just assumed this would be the way forward!

However we are both really pleased and to be honest we don't care what the sex is, just as long as they arrive safely and healthy that is all that is important to us.

We haven't thought of names really (very much!) and we won't be announcing any that we like until they are born, we have decided that as we have shared every other minute detail on here, we are going to keep that for ourselves until they are born!


Patty said...

Congratulations, Elly! Two little princesses to love. I also had IVF in Rockville (2 days before yours) and we are having a boy.
I've been expecting everyone to offer up their choices for a name, but no one has yet.
I'm very happy for you both.

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you both. Your struggle before your babies is somewhat similar to mine in the exception that you're having your twins. I had 1 miscarriage, then 2 ectopic pregnancies and 1 failed IVF. I work with a different clinic and I was not clearly informed that the huge amount of money I was paying was only for the cost of 1 IVF cycle. I received my negative result on July 7, 2009 and I haven't get trough the outcome as of date. I have a huge credit card debt to paid off before I can start over again. This time around, I will work with Shady Grove fertility Center in Rockville, MD. Again, be strong and keep us posted.