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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 18 September 2009

Another week is passing!

I love it when it gets to Friday (who doesn't) it means the weekend is here, I get my hubby home for 2 days and then we get to jump into the next week of pregnancy!

This weekend we are going window shopping for prams and cots (again!) we have looked loads already but as we don't plan to buy anything until we are past 24 weeks it's giving us plenty of time to be sure about what we want.

I think we know what pram we want now, so we are going back to the shop to check it out again - It's the LeeBruss Zoom - having looked at a few others since we last saw it we are still thinking that this one will be right for us.

I also found out the other day that they have opened a showroom in Bristol about 200 yards from where my Nan lives! so we might have to make a trip to visit them (and family) at the same time!

We aren't so sure with cots yet, although we are set on having a cot-bed. This means the babies will be able to grow with their cots and use them until they are about 5 or 6 which is good for us and more cost effective over the long term, so we are looking for a nice one - in an oak style wood. We are favouring the sleigh bed styles at the moment, but who knows we might find something else in the mean time!

As for everything else - we aren't so sure yet, there are loads of things to get but we are also really aware that not everything is a requirement and you can get by without buying things like moses baskets which according to some mums they use for about 3-6 months! And as we'd have to buy 2 of everything it's not something I want to rush out and waste money on!

It's fun to look though and we can't wait until we can actually go and buy some of these things with confidence. Until I feel safe though that they are really, really going to come this time without problems I just can't do this, we don't want to waste money and we don't want the heartbreak of having to take stuff back, or to stare at an empty nursery - we almost had this with Matthew as we were about to buy loads of things just before we lost him, so that was a tough lesson that was learned.

Only a few more weeks though and we can let the fun part begin!

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