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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A little video clip of the girls!

OK so I have posted twice today, but when we were at the scan last week they gave us a DVD, which I've been editing and made a few clips from - for those who haven't seen a scan before - here is what they look like in 2D (we think the 2D is better at this stage!)

So here is a 45 second clip where you can actually see both of them, but it sort of flicks between them as the scanner moved around!

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Kelley said...

wow, I just saw the link to your blog on SGF's website - you're coming to SGF from the UK?! We have 16 month old b/g twins from Shady Grove (Dr. Mottla) and I've always known our doctors at Shady Grove are amazing but I feel an odd sense of pride to know women from the other side of the pond think so, too. :)
I wish you all much happiness and continued growth as you get closer and closer to meeting those two wonderful ittle girls!