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Friday, 4 September 2009

Consultant appointment yesterday

Yesterday afternoon we had an appointment at the hospital at 2.45pm to see the consultant for a check up. We arrived on time and sat there and waited, and waited and waited.

We finally went in at 5.15pm - a mere two and a half hours late! we were not impressed!

Anyway all was OK sort of - even though the midwife pointed out that we had blood, ketone's and protein in the urine test they did - something they failed to also point out the last time we were there. When we asked what this meant the consultant said it could be that you have an infection.

This immediately terrified us, as infections can cause PROM which is what happened with Matthew. So they asked for another urine sample. Luckily I'd been sat around for 2.5 hours so I needed to go and they retested - this one came back negative...

Regardless we asked them to send it away for a double check as we can't take the risk of anything happening, but I think all is OK.

We also officially booked in the C-Section!! The doc wants to do it at 38 weeks so we are booked in for 10th Feb 2010. I'm not sure we will make it that far but if we do that will be their official birth day :)

This means they will be here in 22 weeks and 5 days or 159 days from today.

For your amusement, here is a picture of the bump at 15.5 weeks (and Rasher the cat looking a bit startled!)

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Rich said...

I reckon Rasher is just surprised that Chris managed to work the camera ;-)
Do you think you can book 9.50 for the C section? Imagine the fun with ten to ten ten two ten!