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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

15 weeks and 1 day today

I didn't post yesterday as it was a bank holiday weekend and I vowed to stay away from my computer as I practically live on here! so today we are 15 weeks and one day!

This week they will be measuring about 9-10cm and they are starting to develop eyelashes and eyebrows (just one or two hairs for now!) and although their eyes are sealed shut for now, they may be able to sense light (time to get the torch out!).

The bones in their ears that are responsible for hearing are now just starting to develop, and their taste buds are sprouting, too. From now on, they will get a flavour of whatever I eat via the amniotic fluid. (Apparently one study showed that unborn babies swallow more amniotic fluid if it tastes sweet, and less if it's bitter – pass the chocolate cake!!).

This week sees a period of rapid growth, with the babies starting to lay down fat under their skin.

Their sex organs are maturing, and a highly skilled sonographer might be able to tell the sex at this point. (We hope to find out at the 20 week scan! - can't wait for that!).

They are also gaining more control of their movements; and scans at this stage have shown babies playing with the umbilical cord, snuggling up to the wall of the uterus, apparently for comfort, and even fighting with their twin! (they had better be behaving in there, no fighting please!)

They may also probably get regular bouts of hiccups from now on, which will help their lungs prepare for breathing.

As for me I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, still getting a few bouts of tiredness, and a few restless nights - I'm up to pee several times which is now just annoying, it was a novelty at first, but I'd rather get a good night's sleep - I suppose this is just preparing me for what is ahead!

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