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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Was that a kick?

I'm starting to love being pregnant now - even though we aren't feeling totally safe yet (another 6-8 weeks and we hopefully will!) we are starting to relax a little and enjoy what we have achieved so far.

Yesterday I was sat at my desk working away as usual and I felt an odd sensation inside my belly, it was like something was prodding me from inside - just a couple of times and it was quite light, but it did leave me wondering if I was being kicked and feeling it for the first time!

I have felt them moving quite a lot - about 3 times a day for several weeks now, but to date I've not felt any actual 'kicks' so I was quite excited that this might be the first!

In other news I have a midwife appointment later today, I don't expect much from this - maybe a listen in to their heartbeats, a urine test and maybe a blood test as I almost fainted the other day while sat at my desk - must get that checked out!

Oh and after 18 weeks, my maternity exemption card FINALLY arrived!

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Laurence Whiers said...

sorry not beeen in touch. Working with James inc last weekend now injured and phone drying out it wont work

Dvd is brill Though they seem is if they are scrapping two bundles of fun and trouble there I think
Watched it twice has to be short fingers a bound up

Love dad xx