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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The bump is getting bigger every day!

We finally got around to taking a new bump pic last night - its ever growing and feels heavier by the day!

They say that as a mother of twins I will be approx 8 weeks ahead of where a singleton mum would be, so about now although I'm 21 weeks my uterus is as stretched as a pregnant woman around 29 weeks!

Check it out!


Fingersarecrossed said...

You look wonderful!
Sending you much love, been thinking of you today as I know today was a mini milestone for you ((hugs))

anita said...

Yes.Elly.that is certainly abump to be recond with. I have put on weight after the cruise.. are we all going to fit in the same house!

Salma said...


I just found your blog, and want to say first of all congrats on the babies.

I hope I can follow you on this journey...

Wendy from Maryland said...

Hi Elly!
We are leading parallel lives of sorts! I must have had my ET about 10 days after yours at SGFC. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with twins as well. My belly looks just like yours! I found your blog on Facebook page of SGFC and have been following you since the beginning. Congratulations! Just like you, I celbrate each week I make it closer to holding my babies in my arms. I've endured much disappointment as well and still can hardly believe I've made it this far. Hubby and I are VERY excited to be twin parents. Blog on!!