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Thursday, 5 November 2009

24 week scan today

We have just got back from the hospital from the 24 week scan and are pleased to report that all is well with the girls. (We had that confirmed again - yes it's still girls!).

The scan was very quick today, we were only in there about 7 minutes! just enough time to take a few measurements and make sure all was OK and take a few (not very good) pictures (see below - if it's worth it as they really aren't good pics today!).

We found out today that both babies are now head down, and that they are growing pretty equally.

Twin 1 is now 1lb and 11 ounces (753g) and twin 2 is 1lb and 10 ounces (749g) - so they have almost doubled in weight over the last 4 weeks.

Everything else is as it should be.

So here are the pics we got today:

Twin 1:

Twin 2:

I'm not too worried about the poor quality pics this time as we are going to have another scan in a couple of weeks at the 4D place again:)

Bump pics to follow later in the week.

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