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Monday, 2 November 2009

24 weeks pregnant!

I can hardly believe I am typing this, we actually made it to 24 weeks! This is such a huge deal for me and Chris, probably one of the biggest milestones along the way - and we made it.

It's been an 8 year slog to get here, numerous IVF treatments, 5 pregnancy losses, one at 21 weeks, so to get this far is a huge weight off of our shoulders.

The paranoia that we have faced since the day we found out we were pregnant has only been heightened by my friend losing her precious daughter at 23 weeks, just a few weeks ago - sadly it made me realise that my paranoia about being careful, and not doing anything to put this pregnancy at risk is well placed, as she suffered with the same problem that we had and it happened to her for no reason.

My heart is still very much with her and I know how deep her pain will run, losing a baby at this stage is simply the most awful thing a couple can go through, I can't even begin to explain how it makes you feel.

So for us, this milestone is a welcome day, it's something we have looked forward to for a very long time, as it means our babies are now viable in the eyes of the medical world. It means that if I go into labour, or my waters break early (PROM) then they will do something to save them, and they stand a chance of survival.

Matthew and Florence were born just a little too soon, for them this world was a cruel, cruel place where doctors considered them a miscarriage and not viable, which seems so, so wrong when you hold them in your arms and see how perfect they are.

So for today, we are grateful, happy and very much relieved to make it to '24 weeks'. It doesn't mean they would survive, or even be healthy should they be born now, but it means the doctors will try. They are now considered to be 'real babies'.

Now we have to make it past 30 weeks to ensure they come into this world healthy.

Big hugs to T & A. xxxx

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Salma said...

Very happy for you and hubby and your little girls...