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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

4D scan

We went for a 4D scan this weekend, all full of hope that we might get to see the babies faces, but sadly we were a bit disappointed.

We were in there about half an hour, but the babies were not playing ball, and the picture quality wasn't very good (see pics below!).

The sonographer said this is partly due to their position and the amount of fluid around their faces, but I wasn't completely convinced! They have offered to do another one for free next week, so at least we can try again.

For now though - this is the best we could get:

Twin 1 (Righty!)

Twin 2 (Lefty!)

And a 20 second video clip of each too:



1 comment:

Crussell said...

The images might not be pin sharp but they're still our daughters :) Anyone who wants to criticise them will have to get through me first!!