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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Starting to buy things now :)

Now that we are getting closer to the girls being here we have started to order a few bits and pieces for them.

So far we have ordered their pram which is a LeeBruss Zoom - this will be delivered in December. It is a tandem style pram that will allow us to put them in facing each other, facing us or facing away - it takes the maxi cosi car seats that we have and also it has carrycots too.

We have also ordered their cots which are actually cot beds - these should last them until they are about 6 years old! And will also be delivered in December:

As we have bought Angelcare monitors for them, we can no longer put them in one cot together in our room, so we are also getting moses baskets for each of them so we can keep them safe and have them in with us for the first few weeks:

We have also bought a few smaller things like some clothes, nappies, wipes and a lampshade for their room! only because we couldn't resist!

A big thank you to Chris's parents for buying the pram, to Helena for donating the maxi cosi car seats and bases, to my nan for buying the new car seat covers and to my mum for buying the moses baskets.

We have so far spent about £40,000 getting here with all the IVF bills, so all this extra help now they are coming is very much appreciated!

If you want to help - please feel free to use the wishlists that are linked on the right of this blog, or just browse the Google advertising as every click you give helps:)

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schleuss said...

hehehe. Sweet little beds. However, they wont last till they are six i take it... they will be masive and demand their own rooms by then ;-)