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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas everyone!

Not much to report here as it's the same old same old - braxton hicks giving me a hard time, lack of sleep (fell asleep on the sofa today for 2 hours!) and needing to pee every time I stand up!

I just wanted to wish all the people who have been following me and my little blog a very Happy Christmas!

I hope you get all the presents that you desire, that the food is wonderful and have a glass of Champagne for me!

As for me, myself and Chris haven't bought each other presents this year as we have spent so much money on the babies that we felt there wasn't any need to splash out further - but to be honest we both feel that the best present ever is that these babies make it into this world safely.

The last 2 Christmas's have been pretty crap for us as we had so many plans for our little boy, and Christmas is for kids and it just wasn't the same.

I'll be thinking about Matthew again this year, he would be almost 3 now, so this year would have been the best so far as he would be getting so excited about Santa Claus coming.

I will also thinking about little Florence who I hope is out there somewhere with him and the angels. My heart is with her Mum, Dad and Brother who I know will be missing her this year. Big hugs to you sweetheart x x x.

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