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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Things that go numb in the night

There are certain things they never tell you about in pregnancy books.

One such thing is how you can be happily sleeping, then woken with a pain or numbness that you just didn't expect.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she said she had suffered the same thing when she was pregnant and near the end, but I don't recall ever being warned about this!

Most nights I end up turning over at least once an hour because my hips have gone numb, which in turn makes my legs go numb too as I must be cutting the circulation. This has been happening for several weeks now.

Just recently I have a new one - my shoulders go numb which in turn gives me a dead arm!

So roughly every hour I'm woken up with the feeling that the left or right side of my body has gone numb, I then have to either get out of bed or find a way to turn over to the other side while trying not to scream in pain and wake up the other half!

Oh the joys of being pregnant...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elly,

I was told years ago that as your hips spread and prepare for the birth your nerves get irritated and cause the numbness/tingling feeling, not nice I know but all part of the joy of pregnancy. you can buy special pregnancy pillows (memory foam) by Snoozerpedic MD, how good they are I don't know, didn't get to find out till near the time of birth...

Enjoying your blog & look forward to the day you are blessed with pattering of little feet :o)