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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Midwife appointment today

I'm not sure why I go to the Midwife appointments any more which are every other 2 weeks from the scans and the consultant.

I turn up on time, end up waiting 20-30 minutes as they are always running late - even though the waiting room is practically empty, then I get a blood pressure check, a urine test and they listen to the heartbeat - most of which (except for the urine test) I can do from home as I have all the equipment!!

I tell them things like - I'm suffering with Braxton Hicks - what can I do - they say "Yeah, that's quite normal" and offer no advice....

Anyway, all is well - the heartbeats are good and strong, they are kicking like crazy every day and moving around, and we are just playing the waiting game now.

I'm starting to get very uncomfortable on odd days (some days are still OK!) especially when I get a Braxton Hicks attack! It's a very odd feeling and quite nasty when your tummy goes so tight it's completely solid!

7 weeks and 6 days.....

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