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Monday, 18 January 2010

35 weeks pregnant and counting..

Another week, another milestone and a little bit closer, it's finally starting to feel real. This week we hit 35 weeks and because of the booked c-section as of today we have just 23 days to wait until we meet them.

Now we have made it to 35 weeks though, we know that they are pretty much well developed and should they arrive earlier than planned we know they will be OK, this week they would possibly need a few days in special care, but as they had the steroids it's possible they'd be OK - so a part of us is secretly hoping they will come soon!

I guess we have waited so long for this (8 years!) that the last week weeks seem like a lifetime. I have to remind myself to be patient!

With regards to their development this week - because it's so snug in my womb (especially with two!), they aren't likely to be doing somersaults any more, but the number of times they kick should remain about the same. (and they kick lots!)

Their kidneys are fully developed now, and their liver can process some waste products. Most of their basic physical development is now complete — and they will spend the next few weeks putting on weight which just makes me heavier, ankles swell more, harder to put my own underwear on and generally more uncomfortable.

However it makes them healthier and stronger - so bring it on!!!!

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Theresa said...

This is such good news - really excited for you x