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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A week today

We are now on the final countdown, the last week before we become parents and our world is turned upside down (for the better!).

I have been married to Chris for 11 years and together for 13, we have had an amazing time as a couple who had no cares in the world other than us. We have travelled, had a lot of fun and done all the things we wanted to do, when we wanted to do them.

We've bought a house, had careers (and still do!) had 6 cats (sadly only 1 left now and she is 17!), and lived the life of a carefree couple - and it's been amazing.

Now it's time for the next phase though - becoming parents.

When I first met Chris, he was very anti children. I knew at the time that I had problems with my fallopian tubes and that getting pregnant would be tough, but wasn't that bothered as I too didn't have that many maternal instincts. But over the years as we have grown older together and watched friends have children, and seen the joys that they can bring (yeah yeah we know about the headaches too!) we knew this was something we wanted.

Eight years from the time we decided we were ready, here we are, about to have twins and finally become a 'family'.

We will now be able to go to the zoo, or the theme parks, or the swimming pool, or the fireworks display with 'our' children and see the joy in their eyes at seeing things for the first time, and not be the couple who stands there watching all the other families enjoying their kids at such places.

For anyone that knows me and Chris personally, you will have seen over the years how good we are together, how we get along all the time, laugh every day (even on sad days) and we never fight or argue. You will know how much in love we still are after all this time, and how we are so much better when we are together.

He has supported me through everything, and been my rock when things are tough. He has been helpful, he's done chores he hates, and he's made being pregnant a little easier for me.

I adore my husband. He's the most amazing person in my life and I love him with all of my being, he is going to make a wonderful father and I can't wait to witness this.

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Nicola said...

Im a witness to the amazing love you two share! Its the perfect relationship to bring kids into. Good luck you two...cant wait to see the first pics come out.