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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 28 January 2010

C-section in T-5 days!

We went up to the hospital today to do final check ups and to get all the information we need for pre-op, much waiting as we had to see the midwife, the anaesthetist and get bloods taken, as well as doing 2 lots of urine tests (the first one came back with 2++ protein so they wanted to check me again - 2nd one was 1+).

The midwife checked my blood pressure, listened to the babies heartbeats and ran through all the bits we need to know about Tuesday.

We have to be up at the hospital on Tuesday morning at 6.30am! and we should be first on the list as they do twins first, so hopefully all being well, we should be up on the post op ward by 10am ish!

Chris will be with me all the way, he gets to come into theatre, and will stay with me and the babies until we are up on the ward.

I will be having a 'spinal' injection rather than an epidural as this is apparently much better, it kicks in right away, it wares off faster and is much more suited to a planned c-section.

So all being well, and if the babies hang in there until Tuesday, we will officially be parents by about 10am on Tuesday!

Bring it on!

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