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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Emily Rose Anita Russell and Faith Samantha Elaine Russell are here at last!

WOW what a week it has been. I've been wanting to update this but finding time has been so hard to do! Where do I even start?

Last Tuesday we went up to the hospital at 6.30am, got checked into maternity and waited as patiently as we could - we knew we were the first into theatre for the c-section and we'd be heading down by about 8.30am - by 8am they were ready for us so off we went.

I was nervous of the spinal block but it was actually pretty smooth, the feeling you get as your entire body from the boobs down goes numb is really quite weird, watching someone move your legs and not being able to feel their hands on you or the legs moving was very very strange.

In theatre there were many many people, Chris said he counted about 25 or so as there was 2 full teams of staff, one for each baby, I'm glad I couldn't really see most of them as I'm sure I'd just be horrified at that many people poking me about!

I could however see a part of what was going on over the curtain from the reflection in the theatre lights, which I was fascinated by - I would have liked to have seen the actual c-section being performed, I'm not squeamish and it would have been interesting to watch!

At 9.00am Emily Rose Anita Russell was born weighing 5lb 13 ounces followed at 9.02am weighing 5lb 9 ounces by her little sister Faith Samantha Elaine Russell. Hearing their cries was the most amazing moment in my life and something that I will never forget.

Emily Rose just after she was born:

Faith Samantha just after she was born:

The next hour or so was a bit of a blur, I was being sewn up, people were passing babies around, photos were taken and I was totally spaced out on morphine, so it's somewhat hard to remember it all, but I do remember seeing Chris sat on the chair beside me with his scrubs on and he was holding these two little bundles with tiny faces poking out and it was unbelievable to see, he was holding his daughters and looked the proudest man I know, it made me cry.

Up to recovery for a bit (where the fire alarm went off!) where I got to hold the girls properly for the first time, then back to the ward.

The rest of the day went so fast, midwives coming in to check my blood pressure, attempting to feed them with the tiniest amount of colostrum which the midwives said was enough! and just taking it all in.

Chris got sent out at 1pm until 3 - and again sent home at 9pm that night which I found to be most annoying as he wanted to be there and I needed him to help me get the babies from their cot and back - I know the midwives were there but I wanted the daddy!

On Wednesday he arrived at 9.30am (Shelly made him late!!) where we were transferred to a side room, it was much better in there as we had some space to move around and I was finally allowed out of bed. My mum and Chris's mum and dad visited us that afternoon and got to spend an hour or two with their new grandchildren.

Chris was supposed to go home that night but I begged one of the midwives to let him stay, they gave in (I think so they didn't have to do so much!) and we spent our first night together with our girls. It was a very tough night though with just about NO sleep! With only one bed it made things very hard and by morning we were both shattered, however as everyone was so well we were actually allowed to come home on Thursday which we did as fast as we could!

The rest of the week has also been a bit of a blur, and I'll post about this over the next few days to catch up - we have more photos to post too.

I'm also going to continue this blog and it will become the diary of a twin mum, so please keep popping back! For now, here are a few more photos of their birth day:


@ivfdiary said...

Huge congratulations to you and Chris! So glad it all went well, they are just adorable!

Cath said...

Huge Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughters. Enjoy getting to know them!

Jeannine said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations. I've been checking back frequently for updates and am thrilled to hear the news.

Matt S said...

Fabulous Elly!!! Just fabulous!!!

Shelly said...

Your babies are BEAUTIFUL! Keep us posted. I am enjoying following your blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my! Simply over the moon for all four of you! I've been checking back all week awaiting the news and now I can shout from the rooftops. Hope you can hear me...

Lovely names for those lovely babies.

Very many congratulations from Vancouver,

Jane and family

Anonymous said...

Hugest congrats to you both and welcome to your 2 gorgeous wee girls. I have read your blog from stat to finish over the last few months and it has helped me so much as we embark on our first ivf round. I am so happy for you that your dreams have finally come true, Melissa

Tess said...

So happy for you all, and your girls are absolutely lovely! Congratulations and blessings

Anonymous said...

The biggest Congratulations to you both...I can't tell you how happy I am to see 2 little cherubs...they are adorable & will bring love & laughter into your lifes!

Love & Light
Sue XxxX

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all. They are beautiful and so precious together.

Your road has been long, but your victory over infertility is so sweet.

A fellow SG patient,

Anonymous said...

Praise God in his own time he makes things beautiful. We thank God for the wonderful gift he has given you both. We pray his blessings and guidance on you all. Shady Grove Patient

H said...

I came across this blog on your signature on a forum I found whilst Googling and I am just in awe.

HUGE congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughters - you really are an inspiration to never never never give up hope. I am so thrilled that you finally got to become the mummy you clearly deserve to be.