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Thursday, 18 February 2010

The joys of parenthood

We are still very much in the honeymoon period of having our babies home and safe with us, and as such are very much enjoying everything about being new parents.

People keep asking us (in the street!) is it hard? and saying things like "Oh they must be trouble" - well so far they are not! They have made us laugh every day with some of the silly things they do, and although some nights are tiring when one won't settle, we know this is part of them being tiny babies and do not mind one bit.

On Sunday Emily was sick all over her sisters head! I'm very pleased that little Faith was facing away from her sister as it went all over the back of her head and down her neck, had she been facing the other way the poor little thing would have had a face full of her sisters puke, nice.....

We of course laughed at them both while putting them both into the bath for a good wash down!

There have also been many other bodily function related hilarities, from poo explosions, to being peed on several times. Emily is known for being a little bit sick post milk drinking, so you also have to watch out for the projectile vomiting that can occur!

We love being parents to these two little cuties!

Oh - don't forget to read Chris's side of the story - he's keeping his own blog too which you can read here

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